Saturday, 2 February 2008

Something for the weekend, Sir? (2.2.08)

Todger Talk is stopping in for the weekend, playing domino-toppling with its collection of Electric Blue Betamaxes. Here's a few links to keep you going until Monday...

Letters from Working Girls, and it's companion blog Letters from Johns

A short film, in case you needed reminding that the Internet is rammed with Grot

We will never get bored of Super Snake exposing skanky love-rats on KISS-FM

And it's not too early to get your Valentines sorted out, single readers

1 comment:

Mrs Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous said...

great stuff guys, youre blog is refreshingly real and although about love lives, not the fake macho, im-in-love-with-myself kinda perspective from fluffed up egos in other male blogs.