Friday, 4 January 2008

Sam: Welcome to Todger Talk

Welcome to Todger Talk!

This is a place for blokes to find out some decent information about sex and relationships, have open, honest conversations, and most importantly have a good laugh.

How did it all start? After spending five months helping guys get their sex lives off the rocks and their relationships back on track while filming 'How to have sex after marriage', it struck me that every single bloke on the programme:

a) usually didn't have basic information about sex and relationships
b) couldn't talk about sex with their mates
c) once they got some good information and had a chat, it radically changed their sex lives and relationships for the better.

Ask yourself, how often have you actually had decent conversation with you mates about sex in the pub. Mmmmm . . . never. Where can you get decent information about sex for blokes without being sold penis extensions, cheap viagra or sent to sleep with boredom? Ummmm . . . .

I had a chat to Al and Ayan about it, and we realised there is pretty much no-where that blokes can talk about sex and relationships without all the bullshit, bravado and misinformation.

Well Todger Talk aims hopes to fill the gap.

The Team:

Sam van Rood - is the relationship expert on 'How to Have Sex After Marriage', dating expert on 'How to Find a Husband' and author of 'Teach Yourself Flirting'.

Al Needham - Writer and Sexpert. Al writes for Cosmo, New Woman, Scarlet, the Daily Mirror etc

Dr Ayan Panja - GP, presenter of 'Street Doctor' on BBC 1 and is the author of 'Essential Medical Miscellany'.

So enjoy and talk soon!




Anonymous said...

AL! My good freind!

We miss you at T1B!

WAR you being a sex talk expert!


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