Saturday, 26 January 2008

Something for the weekend, Sir? (26.1.08)

Todger Talk is now spending the weekend lolling about in a smoking jacket and cataloging its collection of 'Adult Art Interest' magazines. Until Monday, here's some linkage;

We were going to break down the absolute basics of sex for virgins, but someone's already done it for us

An Australian couple appear to be having a competition to see who can have the most orgasms in 2008. His blog is here. Hers is here

Kermit the Frog reacts to the monumentally dodgy '2 girls one cup' video

Americans! Beware the Porn-Communists!

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BetterForEveryone said...

I read all the way through the "For Guy Virgins" page and I think it's really nicely written and all, but speaking from a woman's point of view, I'm a little disappointed that he doesn't mention the biggest misperception of them all. That is: despite millions of movies etc showing us otherwise - women just about always need some clitoral stimulation to come, or even to enjoy the whole sex thing at all. I'd really love it if that message could be communicated more widely. I haven't been with that many guys (well, 5 to be precise) but I have to say that none of them really understood that just penetration alone won't cut it. Now, I've been able to teach them. And it's been mindblowing. And I have had the odd orgasm without touching myself. But they always seem to come into the situation at first without much of a clue about the clit. Well, there is a general perception that yes you need to give it attention, but not any accurate idea that it actually needs to be rubbed and licked and touched, like,... a lot. I.e.without stopping after one minute. This really causes a problem in achieving good hetero sex because men tend to think they're doing something wrong if you reach for your clit. They're not - it's just how it is. It's still 1000 times better with a cock inside you than just masturbating on your own, so there's nothing to feel threatened about. I just feel that if everyone understood this the world would be a better place and I never get why the myth persists. Those of us with a little experience work it out eventually, but wouldn't it be beautiful if more people knew about it earlier. Maybe you could do a blog on it???