Monday, 28 April 2008

Sam: why BO is your best friend

As a result of several rather traumatic childhood experiences, I’ve always had a bit of a thing about BO. Specifically being really over sensitive about me having BO and other people being able to smell it.

Now in retrospect, I really should have realised that it was not me, but my mother. Her inability to grasp to important concepts 1) teach your child to change his shirt each day and 2) if you leave all the washing on the line for so long that it gets rained on that it will stink worse than if it hadn’t been washed at all. Now I realise even if she had taught me concept no 1, it was still invalidated by issue no 2.

Fortunately once I left home I learnt the importance of both changing your shirt everyday, and not leaving your clothes out to rot in the rain. So really I think my school-yard behind-the-back sniggering nickname of stinky was really pretty unfair. Oh the times that I sat, worried that I ponged, which then made me sweat more, which then made me worry more, which made me sweat more. Nasty cycle that one.

Anyway, enough digging up the past. I dealt with it, though perhaps became a little overly obessive about making sure my shirts were washed and I had saturated myself with enough deoderant.

Now you can imagine my joy when just recently I discovered why body odour is actually my best friend.

Did you know that one of the main ways that women pick who they are attracted to is through smell? Sure you’ve heard about the whole pheremone thing, but actually they can smell the makeup of a man’s immune system. Claus Wedekind, a Swiss Biologist got women sniffing men’s shirts and discovered they were attracted to men who were immunilogically dissimilar to them. Why is this important? Makes the kids immune systems tougher and has loads of other knock on effects like reducing the likelihood of miscarriage etc.

Actually, ‘Chemistry’, that indefinable thing about someone that just makes them decliciously attractive and irresistable is actually you sniffing out a mate with a compatible immune system. Apparently we have over 100 difference immune system sequences and women also found that the smell of the men they like was similar to their past boyfriends. This goes a long way to explaining why some men are irresistably shaggable to some women and repulsive to others.

Smell is important to men as well – they do the same thing, but also can sniff out a fertile woman. I know I’ve certainly noticed that some women, who I wouldn’t normally notice, are sometime just devilishly attractive and I can’t rationally quite put my finger on why. This actually has financial implications – smells can make you money. Strippers who are ovulating actually make twice as much as when they are on their period. Men can smell a fertile woman, and without realising are more attracted to her.

Lady readers, one important word of warning – being on the pill impairs your sense of smell. You end up getting attracted to men with the wrong sort of immune system, leading some to label it ‘the divorce pill’. Come off it and suddenly your stud will probably suddenly start to smell as attractive as a dead fish.

So while the telly is banging on about how covering yourself from head to toe with Lynx, and giving yourself a good washdown with Lynx shower gel will make you irresistably attractive, actually it’s bloody rubbish. Actually, it should read spray more, get less. You are covering up your biggest attraction asset, your smell.

So lads love your BO. It really is your best friend.


lalita said...

Please don't overdo the BO thing. A man's smell is really important but few girls are into stale sweat. And use perfume. It won't suppress your natural smell but can create a nice irresistible mix. There was this guy once whose smell made me completely nuts about him. Unfortunately he didn't reciprocate...
And the pill thing is so true. I actually broke up with my bf after I got off the pill. It wasn't the only reason but I became completely unattracted to him. It really suppresses the smell capabilities and lowers down the sex drive. So watch out also when you stop taking it. When libido comes back, you may be surprised at the strength of it and foolish things it makes you do.

Finals Blogger said...
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Finals Blogger said...

The biological reason for the pill thing is that being on it makes a woman's body "think" she's pregnant. When you're looking for a father you want someone with a different MHC for as many different alleles in the kids immune system as possible. When you are pregnant you want people with the SAME MHC as they're likely to be brothers / fathers / people who will look after you. You can smell just as well - you're just looking for the wrong thing...

Ys said...

after the first couple of months the pill didn't affect my randiness at all. it's when i'm off it for a week i turn into a crazy horomonal bitch from hell hehe.

as for smells - i quite like a touch of bo mixed in with manfumes. if this immune system thing is right then i hit the nail right on the head with my guy - his immune system is amazing whereas mine is shit!

badgerdaddy said...

I haven't worn aerosol deodorant in about 13 years. I use this stuff. Bloody marvellous - let me smell like myself without any stale sweat. And to increase the loveliness, eau de toilette works as there's no smell for it to mask as such - it blends with my own smell to make Sex Panther.

And it's totally true about smells - I get complimented on how I smell pretty frequently by the lay-dees.

Anna said...

Hm, strange. I went on to the pill a few months after I got together with my boyfriend, and I'm no less crazy about him now!

His smell is very attractive; there are times he gets worried that he might be a bit sweaty when of course I don't mind at all. there are limits, and hygiene is still important, but don't ever feel the need to hide your natural scent.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree - it's less about body odour and more about body aroma. Some men just smell right. Cleanliness is still vitally important, mind you - any hint of stale sweat is a turn-off.

Personally, I think you should just get a whiff of aftershave or scent when you're within kissing range. I once made the acquaintance of a chap whose aftershave was so strong, you could taste it as much as smell it. Awful.

The Beautiful Kind said...

So many interesting snippets in this post! Yeah I have broken up with men in the past for not smelling right. Lately I've been into this manbeast friend of mine - he'll shower in the morning but by mid-afternoon he's getting his natural smell back, mingled with his Reaction cologne, and omg I cuddle up next to him and feel very safe and turned ON. My ovaries do a little dance. :)

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