Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Manbits #3

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Hairy Geek writes: With the recent ladies question on hair, it got me thinking. What are people’s ACTUAL thoughts on body hair with men? (be it pubic or general body hair)

I used to train a lot and be in great shape, part of my training regimen was Muay Thai (great art I recommend it to anyone BTW). And I am quite a hairy guy (not really a bear, but quite hairy) and often got frustrated with body hair pulling when clinching and grappling in other martial arts. This obviously gets worse as the sweat starts to build up. My instructor said I should shave it off - that’s why a lot of boxers/mixed martial arts guys are bald.

So I did, and it worked a treat, lot better when training (no more pulling and makes escapes easier since you slide off of them) and – in my opinion - looked better when nekkid since you could see the definition more. During the bedroom antics the lack of friction between mine and whatever poor girls body I was awkwardly fumbling with at the time was great too, I found it quite sexy :)

Thing is I have had mixed comments from both the ladies and the men. Some guys said "shaved/waxed chests/whatever is for pussies and 'fags'" (and for the most part, these are overweight men that probably want to have sex with the light off, and if they don’t, they probably should). And the ladies, well they just said they either like hairy men or not.

So, thoughts?

Sam says: This is really quite an interesting question. Last year I did a survey for a shaving company (with a shaver for all parts of your body, especially below the waist) and what really quite surprised me was how pro-shaving women were. My gut reaction is that women would have found men who shaved rather feminine, but the survey said that they would see it is as a sign of a man that looked after himself.

Now there are a couple of advantages as a man to shaving – if you shave off your pubic hair and go commando you get an extra ‘optical inch’. Apparently your willy looks bigger because it isn’t nestled down amongst all that foliage. However, there's a distinct disadvantage to shaving either your armpits or genital region, as we have lots of hair there for a reason – to capture our sexual body scents and store them up to lure the opposite sex.

Personally I think each man to his own – though for me, chest-waxing seems like a horribly painful business. I’ve got a mate who is a dancer – he has a proper jungle on his chest, and waxing all that off must have been...well, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

The real thing you are getting at here is the deeply in trenched homophobia that many men have where doing anything - especially shaving - to look after yourself means you must be gay. These sort of men should go and shove one of these right up where the sun don’t shine. I think those sort of men have secret homoerotic fantasies, are probably struggling with their urge to run their hands all over your smooth chest, and are accusing you of being gay to try and assuage their own guilt and fear. Fuck’em, I say!

'Mr Sex' says: I think the Hairy Geek knows exactly what he's on with here, and he doesn't need me to tell him what's what, so I'll be brief. As someone who's been shaving pretty much every other day for the past ten years (the head, and elsewhere whenever it's been necessary or out of boredom) and pretty hirsute elsewhere (a proper Medallion-Man chest and an annoying crop of back-tuft), I fail to see the fuss about it. Then again, I'm not a gym-rat - neatly avoiding the only time in modern life where straight men are bollock naked in front of each other.

The only advice I need to give here is; don't be afraid to experiment. It's your body after all, and it's only hair, for fuck's sake. It grows back. However, if you are prepared to put the clippers or razor to a place where they haven't been before, be prepared for itchiness and mither when it grows back. Oh, and a message to our younger male readers; speaking as a baldie, have as many mad haircuts as you can, while you still have the opportunity.

Your thoughts, please...


Ys said...

no no no - i do not like it when men shave anything other than their facial fluff (even then i like a certain amount of facial fluff). i'm not saying i'm mad for hairy men but i do like my men to have hair cos, well, that's just what i've always liked. and i really do not like the no-pubes look. i like playing with those hairs - don't get rid of them.

Angela-la-la said...

Personally I lke faces shaved (partly at least, I don't like kissing Santa). Small beards, pits and pubes should be trimmed to a level somewhere between pre-pubescent and plaiting necessary.

Particularly bear-like backs should be waxed. Notwithstanding the logistics of shaving where you can hardly see or reach, the thought of stubbly regrowth on a back is just wrong!

Red said...

I like body hair. I don't like stubble. So being with a freshly chest waxed man might be okay, but I don't think I want a rash from where his stubble rubs against me. Likewise, freshly shaven pubes are nice, but once the stubble starts, I'd rather just wait till there's more growth because it hurts.

I love facial hair--stubble more than a beard, beard more than bald. On top of the head, it doesn't matter. Bald is sexy, but so is having hair there I can get my fingers in.

thegirl said...

Dear Men,

Facial hair - whatever you're comfortable with. Fresh stubble can be painful whilst kissing, but short beards can feel nice too.

Pubic hair - I'd prefer things trimmed; blow jobs are far more enjoyable without long hairs stuck in my mouth.

Body hair - by god, please leave ALL your fuzz/jungle in its natural state: I adore it.

Thank you,
Girl x

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Mmmm chest hair! My ex trimmed/shaved for similar reasons to the guy in the post, but allowed the hair to grow back in because I liked it (alright demanded) so much. Running your fingers through soft chest hair is so, so sexy. Trimming round the pubic area is great though, not only does it make going down more pleasant it tends to indicate a guy who pays attention to his hygiene so making it more likely we'll head down there in the first place.
Bendy Girl

badgerdaddy said...

When myself and my wife got together, she was fascinated with my chest because she'd never been with anyone hairy before. She loves it! Also, hair elsewhere doesn't bother her in the least, it seems, though I was very worried about it when we got together. It was all in my head though, she's not fazed one bit.
She does like me to have a trim downstairs though – when we first got together, it looked a bit like Brian Blessed down there.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you have a good reason for shaving/waxing/whatever (and this guy does) then don't bother what men or women say! You just can't cater to everyone's wishes, and who cares, its just body hair.
I personally like all shaven (body, that is), especially in combination with facial hair and/or long hair on a man. But then, no one ever has that, and its the last thing on my mind while having sex!

Mia said...

You can't possibly please everyone, do what makes you happy and then you'll feel a million times sexier anyway. Thus equally more dates/sex/etc.

Personally I don't mind about hair on heads, backs or chests as long as it's neat and clean. Fresh stubble can be painful.

I agree with the girl, trimmed or even no hair downstairs is best... much much more comfortable for pleasure.

lovessex said...

Shaved pubes are the best. So much nicer to stroke the balls when they are nice and smooth.

Chest hair reminds me of the 70's, think gold chains and polyester shirt open to the navel :-S. Not my cup of tea.

Back hair is gross in my opinion.

But the worst is ear hair UGGGHHH.

I guess everyone has different opinion so it's a good thing to discuss with your partner.

lalita said...

What about hair on the ass? Nobody thought of getting rid of it and I think it's bleh.
I used to like smooth chests but it somehow changed recently and I appreciate a proper "love carpet". I must have matured or something. Which is a pity when I finally found a guy who has "a Swedish swimmer" totally hairless chest.

So my advice is: shave your ass and back, leave the chest hairy and trim your pubes

finnyfish said...

It all depends on the man. I recall one gentleman of my intimate acquaintance whose coarse, hairy back I hated. But my current squeeze's hairy chest and back are gorgeous; it's like stroking a Steiff teddy bear, all soft and springy.

On the whole, I prefer au naturel.

thene said...

My husband and I argue about this a lot; we both have long hair on our heads, but he favours hacking all the rest off both of our bodies, while I love to see hair in the places God put it. So we experiment as time and effort permit. I definitely prefer it if he has some pubes for me to nuzzle, even if they do sometimes get caught in my teeth. Trimmed is better than au naturel. He doesn't have chest hair, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about that.

-now I think about it, I guess I like my men slightly differently coiffed to my women. Double standards, woo.

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I say both are good. Shaved is kindof kinky and fun, whilst hairy is sexy and grrr all man. So as the lady says above, go with whatever you like best.

Silicon Limey said...

I wouldn't say waxing is gay, but just odd. I mean, you go to a salon and pay money to have someone put hot wax on your body and pull the hair out by the roots! And don;t even get me started on back, crack and sac waxes...

As for down below trimmed is best. No-one, of either sex, wants to play George of the pubic Jungle.

Anonymous said...

I prefer hairy chests and nicely trimmed pubes on men (hairless doesn't really do it for me).

Stubble is utterly evil, and any man rubbing up against me hopefully doesn't leave a rash to show where he's been! Long hairs in my mouth is also unpleasant... you get the idea.

This is sooo subjective, of course. Whatever rocks your boat. Some men love hairy women, most don't. Men have an easier deal as women just aren't as obsessed over the placement of hair. (I'll back that opinion up with my Anthropology degree and postgrad Anatomy diploma) :)

Emily said...

Hairy backs are a big no-no for me, but I've never been with someone that had one so ... I think for a man to wax his chest/back would be quite odd though, and I think I'd prefer it au naturel even though I'm not a big fan of hairy men.

That said, my boyfriend has quite a hairy bum and I don't really mind it all that much!

As for pubes though, I think trimming is best - more flattering for the bloke, and nicer for us as well!

Anna said...

As yo can tell from the comments so far, it's different for everyone, so I say go with whatever floats your personal boat! I think I'm capable of appreciating most amounts of hairiness, providing I can still see skin if you know what I mean (no gorilla fetish here).

Personally, my man has a little bit of wispy chest hair that I love to twist my fingers in. Lush. x

Anonymous said...

I think the most important thing to note is that if you're with someone and they say "ouch. that stubble is really painful" you are wise enough to shave. i had a boyfriend who would never take the hint. i tried explaining that it felt like i was being attacked by a brillo pad, but he didn't get it.
he wasn't my boyfriend for long....
if you really like someone, then you should be willing to experiment with your body hair. within reason, of course.

~~Silk said...

I prefer beards and body fur to stubble. Stubble causes whisker burn, and it's hard to walk with whisker burn.