Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Sam: Spring has sprung and Saucy Searching is up

Well the spring weather is truly upon us and the sun is very much warming up more than the temperature. Have you noticed that everyone’s libido’s seems to be on the rise along with the sunshine?

You can look around and see it everywhere, even the squirrels in my local park are madly at it shagging in precarious positions on the trees.

Now I tried doing a search through the database on psychology today for the connection between spring and sex and it disappointingly didn’t bring up any papers. So on spec it strikes me that:

* it’s warmer, so everyone is getting their gear off. For the first time in six months we are all getting much more of an eye full of lovely cleavage and a nice bit of forearm and leg

* this means we are getting stimulated where nature intended, women show off more flesh when they are ovulating, so our poor man brains must be going mad when suddenly all the women around us have gone from pretty much fully covered, to bare minimum

* Sunshine stimulates and improves your mood, so not only are we seeing more, but feeling better and have more energy to do something about it

Interestingly all this anecdotal evidence is back up by the facts, and according to (they are the search engine that searches all the search engines at once) saucy searches are up by 60%.

Top saucy searches are in order:

1) Viagra
2) Romantic breaks
3) Outdoor antics
4) Erotic stories
5) Lingerie
6) Casual encounters
7) Online dating
8) Striptease
9) Sex toys
10) Escort services

So a lot of people are either paying to get it up, or paying if they can't get it.

Some rather telling top local searches are:

Brighton – Nude beaches
Liverpool – Casual encounters
London - Spanking
Southampton – Single sailors
Manchester – Escort services
Birmingham - Striptease
Bristol – Outdoor antics
Portsmouth – Sex toys
Nottingham - Viagra
Bath – Erotic stories

In Brighton they want to do it in the sea, and in Southhampton they want to do it with seafarerers (personally I'm a bit surprised it isn't the other way around).

What are you seaching for this spring? And if you can tell me the scientific source of this spring sauciness I would love to know!


Rosie said...

Me - I'm just seeking the usual. Men of the self assured, but wanting to actually date a bit before getting saucy variety. Since they ALL enjoy hiking and beaches I should look for them there it seems. (Only in this part of the country we have no ocean and hence no beaches. It always seems weird when beaches are listed on their dating profile. But that's men for you. So illogical.)

Anonymous said...

Have you not heard the rhyme?

Hoooray, hooray, the first of May
Outdoor sex begins today
But as usual, it do rain
So we all fucks back indoors again.

Sez it all really

Ima said...

FIVE men asked me out last month (including two ex-es, one long-time male friend)! I was so surprised and was thinking that I must be secreting some especially strong sexual pheromones when a male mate explained to me about the Spring Heat phenomena. Men!

Dahlia Delamere said...

Best I could come up with, Sam, is this:

And I'm afraid it won't help much, darling.


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