Saturday, 1 March 2008

Something for the Weekend, Sir? (1.3.08)

Todger Talk is spending the weekend heeding its own advice, so until normal service is resumed on Monday, here's something else to lay your eyes upon;

Ben-Her: Canadian phone-prankster extraordinaire, who pretends to be a woman, goes on phone sex services, and commits acts of exceptional wrongness

Following on from Dave's post from a while back: home-made sex toys

MILF Rice? Mouse-shaped vibrators? Sex with things that look like 1980s roll-on deodorants? Only in Japan (and then the rest of the world three years later)

Who will succeed Vanilla Dong as the Name of the Year? (Come on, Pansy Ho!)


Anonymous said...

Lovehoney sells the Tenga onacups (the things shaped like roll-on deodorants).

badgerdaddy said...

Pansy Ho is not to be messed with - do you know who her dad is??? Talk about connected... Still, you'd think he would have called her something a bit, you know... manlier.

Hannah said...

I have to say silicone sex dolls (on the japanese site) really freak me out. I may be being judgmental but I can't but help feel they're for people who can't have relationships with real people, sexual or otherwise.