Thursday, 2 April 2009

'Mr Sex': Hello, Esquire Readers

Todger Talk is currently proudly strutting around the Market Square with its cock out over the fact that Esquire has pegged us as the 4th funniest blog on t'Internet (one above Hot Chicks With Douchebags, three below Fail Blog - ludicrously esteemed company, if you ask us). It's very nice to get a shine from a proper men's mag (i.e., one that actually interviews other men, as opposed to trollops off Emmerdale with their hands down their knickers). Ta very much. Even though half of the blog is about my rank failures to cop off, which isn't massively tee-heesome in my eyes.

(and yes, if the truth be known, we would have rather been called Talking Bollocks, but that name was taken)

So, if you've just joined us and are a bit scared that 'Men talking about sex' might just equal 'grooming', let me calm you down. Yes, we do talk about shagging and whatnot, but we don't bang on about which celebrities we'd like to give a seeing-to. Yes, we dispense advice, but we're not interested in Sex Rules or any of that old bag of wank. And yes, we discuss feelings, but we don't get all Emo about it.

And to get you properly up to speed, here's a brief selection of our more amusing bits;

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Frienditis - the curse of the modern age

Why chip-fat and anal sex don't mix

The best letter to a wank mag EVER

Photographic evidence of depressingly awful male sex toys

The best male sex toy in the whole wide world

...and the scariest-looking one

'Mr Sex' shows unity with Feminism by pretending to have anal sex with a random bloke on a dancefloor

How to deal with six-year old kids who want to show you their bits

What it's actually like to do Thingy Whatsit with a Porn Star

Our female readers discuss the mingingest bedrooms they've ever had a one-night stand in

How to look as if you don't give a toss when Unrequited Love wipes its cock on your duvet

Porn and the recession

What it's like to be a slaphead

Mams and porn


badgerdaddy said...

You might get an extra bonus too, as Maxim closed yesterday, so their readers might migrate to Esquire, and you get two for the price of one.

Thestagcompany said...

A hearty slap on the back for you. well done.

Clair said...

SO well deserved, chaps. We flipping love you!

Lost girl said...

Congratulations guys, job well done!