Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sam: Culture of Two

I was talking to one of my clients the other day about an embarrassing moment when he was out with friends and let slip one of those silly things that you normally only say when your partner is around. His friends were aghast and taunted him mercilessly for the next hour or so. This led us to having a conversation about some of those words that only seem to get created when you are in a relationship, that make sense to the both of you, but are hideously embarrassing if discovered by the outside world. Some snuggle related examples that came up were:

  • Snoozle – having a snooze and a snuggle
  • Ruggle – having a read and snuggle
  • Tuggle – watching TV while having a snuggle

And then of course there is the topic of the pet names people give each others parts. Clive James once mentioned in one of his books how in a relationship you develop a society of two – with it’s own special language that only the two of you share. A wonderful thing to be shared with you, but rather embarrassing when it slip out into the big bad world.


Anna said...

Oh god, my boyfriend and I are the WORST for babytalking... or, as we call it 'diddums-talk.' Oh it gets much worse.

And it's often in public :(

thene said...


I bet I leave far too many XKCD links on this blog.

Girlwithshoes said...
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Girlwithshoes said...

I have a a reputation for being a little bit of a hardass, un-mushy, unsentimental... A cynic. Jaded. Blackened heart. You get the picture.

So imagine my horror when my friend told me that once she saw me and my boy from afar, and was reminded of frolicking puppies. *barf*

Nottingham's 'Mr Sex' said...

Shitting hell fire.


Hannah said...

thene, there's no such thing as too many xkcd links :D

swayed said...

Ah, I remember the funny looks when my husband and I slipped and had one of our 'conversations' - conducted entirely in tongue-sticking-out, elbow-nudges, rib-pokes, saying "bah" and "foo" and suchlike - in public. In front of a friend.

Who said "You two are revolting."

Bulldog said...

I nearly crashed once whilst trying to druck