Friday, 18 July 2008

Some Manbits For The Ladies, #18 & #7

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A Sunny Moo writes:
My boyfriend and I use condoms for protection, but they tear sometimes while we're having sex. He's on the bigger side, 7-8 inches long and 4 inches in circumference (this is a guess), but I always heard that regular condoms should work for most guys unless they're King Kong. He puts them on correctly, so that's not the issue. We've been using Durex extra sensitive, which are 20 percent thinner than regular condoms, and I suspect that may be the problem, that they're too thin. I'd hate for him to feel less sensation, but clearly we need to switch brands. I'd like some specific brands and suggestions - there are too many types of condoms to choose from. If it makes a difference, I'm in the U.S.

Sam Says: Ahh, that we should all have the same problem. Dear Sexpert, my willie is too big. Help!

But seriously, I would suggest that you try a larger size of condom, the average condom is made for the average guy, who is about six inches long, so at 8 inches your boyfriend is 33% bigger. Try something like the Durex XL or XXL – you can get them in the US here.

I suspect size is the issue here, not brand. I know that South African men had a special range of extra large condoms launched for them as they were using the excuse that normal condoms were too small to skip safe sex. You could also try the Trojan Thintensity which is 8 inches long, or the Magnum XL.

'Mr Sex' says: Putting aside the big nob issue, condom splittage is a bastard of a problem, and not just for those of us hung like blue whales. You can split a condom in many ways - while you're opening the packet, through a lack of proper lubrication, or by slapping 'em on without due care and attention. Apparently, girth is also an issue - you're more likely to split a Johnny if you've got a thick'un as opposed to a long'un.

The latter seems to be the this case. Unfortunately, me telling your bloke which brand of jizzy-bag to go for would be about as useful as Telly Savalas recommending a particular hairspray. Choosing the right Johnny is a very personal thing indeed, so I'm afraid that you and him are going to have to shop around, buy a selection of condoms, and have loads and loads of sex. You poor thing.

(Oh, and if you want information from the hung-like-a-horse's mouth, you could always hit up the Large Penis Support Group. Actually, this thread here is pretty decent)


Anna said...

Condom Samplers would be a good idea.
Also, "jizzy-bag" might be the best name for a condom I've ever heard.

Sex Toys said...

Jizzy Bag - lovin it..

Ys said...

Shop around - trust me, it's lots of fun to try out new condoms! You'd be surprised by how the ones that are meant to be great tend to be the worst of all.

I seem to remember the DurexLove condoms were on the larger-side.

Anonymous said...

We use these as my other half has a big head

Lady_Lush said...

Avoid Durex Avanti, the only brand I've ever had split

GuardianReader said...

A lot of condoms split because there is air in the tip. Adding ejaculation means the condom splits.

To avoid this, squeeze the tip as you put on the condom - some condoms come with a space for your jizz, others don't, so leave some space.

Hope this helps.

Silicon Limey said...

There's a Large Penis support group? Oh my heart bleeds for them :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, everyone -- my boyfriend had been thinking along the same lines as I was, and we're planning to try the Durex XXL. He wonders, though, if Durex throws in a free T-shirt for every box sold, so the buyer can announce his purchase publicly. Good grief!