Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dr Ayan: A potentially deadly droop . . .

Hi folks, just a quick todgertalk health tip. . . I was at a media medics seminar last week on erectile dysfunction. The shocking thing is that it is treatable in over 90% of cases but men often find it hard to talk about it.

Causes include smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, psychological reasons but most importantly heart disease. A recent study has shown that 3-5 years after men develop erectile dysfunction, particulalry over 40, they are very liekly to suffer a heart attack. For this reason alone, please please please make sure you let your doctor know if you're having trouble down below, as it may be an early warning sign for heart disease. For some free information and a self-test, visit www.40over40.com


Tom Reynolds said...

This feels very much like a paid for post entry. Is it?

Katie said...

Rather than ignore this post, I think we should applaud the advice and pass it on to at least our blokes, or if you are a male put it in your brain for future reference.

I didn't know about this and I'll bet loads of others don't. Thanks to Sam we do now.

Tom Reynolds said...

Oh it's not an attack, and I'm all for educating people - it's just that it sounded a bit 'paid for' which is something that most blog writers will acknowledge.

Dr Ayan said...

Definitely not paid for!

You have my word... My mission is purely to increase health awareness and sometimes it's best to post a link that does it better than I could.

As it goes none of my blog entries are ever paid for (and that includes my own medical blog).

I have only just seen this. Sam posts my posts on my behalf, so I do not have alerts to comments on my posts set up on this blog.

Best wishes,

Dr Ayan

Tom Reynolds said...

Thanks for the reply Dr. Ayan, it's just that I find the 40over40 site a bit too commercial for my tastes and thought that they may have pushed for you to write about them.

And I agree it's a problem that a lot of men won't talk about.

Dr Ayan said...

Hi Tom,

Yes it is a very commercial site, no doubt, but having read and watched its content carefully, I do think it's actually really thorough and offers decent links to numerous other reliable websites.

I'm usually not one who is keen on sponsored websites, but I think this one has a really good public health message.