Monday, 21 July 2008

Sam: It’s official, it really is OK to be a bit Kinky

Now when the latest edition of Psychology Today landed on my desk it immediately demanded to be read. It’s not often you see a magazine like that with a hot blonde on the front cover with knee high PVC boots, rubber gloves, leather corset and a whip that would put Indiana Jones to shame.

“7 Taboos that are perfectly natural” was the tagline. Hot diggity dog I thought and turned straight to page 66.

Now amongst various other interesting taboos, ‘I have no ambition’, ‘I love one of my children more than the other’ and ‘I love to be alone’ was ‘Quirky, Kinky or Creepy’.

Apparently human sexuality experts have a rule: If you have a range of things that turn you on, if a couple of them are Kinky then it's OK. And according to
Durex’s huge international sex survey, more than 1 in 10 people regularly engage in kinky stuff like role play and BDSM.

Trouble starts to happen if only one thing turns you on and nothing else can. Like only when you are wearing diapers, or men who can only aroused if they imitate porn.

Well I guess this is just another case of experts telling us what we already know – but it’s always nice to know that though your mother might not approve, those Sexperty Academics would nod their head in approval.

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Ys said...

I dunno, getting approval for it kinda makes it a little less fun... ;)