Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mr Sex: Cor!

Todger Talk is, to use the vernacular of my dear home town, WELL JOLLEH to be nominated for Blog of the Year at the Erotic Awards 2008, which is kicking off in Brixton on Friday September 12, which then mutates into Night Of The Senses, which by all accounts gets a bit fruity, missus. We've been nominated with the very proper Arthritic Young Thing and the don't-know-what-it's-like-to-be-honest-because-it's-invitation-only The Fuckhouse. I've already told me Mam not to clear a space on top of her telly for a carved nob with wings, but the woman won't be told, seeing as the only thing I've ever won was a cake-making prize at junior school when she did me a coconut cake.

Tickets are still available for Night Of The Senses, so if you want in, you'd better get a shift on. Not only is it a right big sex
-jambouree, it also raises a shitload for this charity here. And if you want to know more, have a look at this.


Aiko said...

That's fab news, congrats!

Katie said...

Great news. Don't live close enough but sounds like a good night! ENJOY

Clair said...

Congratulations; you deserve to win.

I love you all.