Thursday, 4 June 2009

Manbits and Something For The Ladies

OK, the good ship Todger Talk is slowly coming back together, but you may have noticed that our advice sections - Manbits and Something For The Ladies - have gone a bit AWOL. I can only surmise that either;

a) all our readers are in completely brilliant relationships


b) you need a gentle reminder/kick up the arse.

So, once again...

Ladies: If there's ever been anything about men you've wanted to know but were afraid to ask, or wanted a male viewpoint on a certain relationship niggle you're going through, drop an email to us at todger dot talk at googlemail dot com. And chaps; If you're male, and you want a bit of advice on your sexy, sexy mither, drop us an e-mail at - you guessed it - todger dot talk at googlemail dot com.

As a treat - or possibly punishment - here's a lovely video Dan came across when he was dossing about through YouTube the other day. God knows what he put in the search engine to get this, but it's nice to see that someone in Prague is Thinking Of The Children;


Lost girl said...

Does anyone else think that this could be used as a scary visual representation about the literal consequences of unprotected sex?

Anonymous said...

That is really worrying. Oh wow. I'm with Lost Girl on that one... the music doesn't really help either. Now I'm going to associate Queen with whatever that slide is.

badgerdaddy said...

Brilliant. It's the music that makes it so.

Anonymous said...

Last winter, I broke up with my asshole boyfriend of 3 years. This is good in every respect except for one. There was something that we used to do together that I'm not sure anyone else does or would do and I don't know if I'm alone here.

Basically I wanted to try some watersports as part of a general BDSM interest. Ok, pretty tame by modern standards. But he couldn't do it. He couldn't pee while someone was watching him. So the joke I made was 'pretend I'm on fire, ok?'

That's what we did. We would pretend that I was on fire, and I'd be screaming and thrashing around, and he had to hold me down and piss on me. Hottt, right? Sometimes he'd flog me with a towel or something to put the 'flames' out. A few times he sprayed me with a fire extinguisher (the kind with water). I can promise you that being pissed on feels even better than normal when you're pretending that it is putting out flames on your body. Screaming, thrashing, then pissing, then relief. It's very cathartic.

Yes, I've already googled this. I'm not stupid. And I cannot find a damn thing about this. But you know this stuff, right? Is there a community or even a name for this? I tried joining a watersports group online but nobody wanted to hear a thing about pretending someone is on fire. Basically I was told that this was off-topic and not something that people wanted to even think about.

What the hell am I supposed to do?