Monday, 1 June 2009

Sam: Death of a Cynic

Before my stroke, my view of human nature was pretty hard-nosed and cynical. Essentially, I was sure we were all just self-interested animals, only focused on eating, fucking, carving out territory and then protecting that territory and our own self-interest.

I survived my stroke, but strangely my cynic has died. In leaving hospital, I have been astounded at the incredible kindness shown to me by so many of my family and friends, particularly my mother and father-in-law, who have come and helped out with my recovery literally every other day and some of my very loyal friends, who have slept over when times are hard and spent days on end “working from home”, which really meant running around catering for my little needs during the day. And my extraordinary soon- to-be-wife, who has been a mixture of Wonderwoman and Supergirl, being incredibly loyal, loving, seemingly indefatigable. And many members of my own family overseas, including my mother who came all the way from Australia to visit me. And my stepfather whose wise words and steady character have helped keep me on course. Enough American-style gushy sentimentality!

My new view of the world adheres more with that of one of my great intellectual icons, Desmond Morris, who still says we are all animals, but that we are programmed to want to co-operate and help other members of our own species. Our brains are rewarded when we help other members of our own tribe.

A huge thank you must go to Mr Sex, who has pretty much single-handedly kept Todger Talk alive, kicking and thriving. So dear readers, in the comments section, can you please lavish your appreciation on Mr Sex.

And lady readers, if you live within commuting distance of Nottingham and you fancy lavishing more than words or you would like to make his next visit to London more exciting, please remember that Mr Sex is that rarest of men: he is single, can make you laugh, can talk about his emotions openly and his first published book was nothing less than ‘The Going Down guide’. I mean, ladies, what more could you want in a man? You can contact him through his blogger profile…


Anna said...

I'm so glad to hear that your cynic's faded! Cynicism is rubbish, I am afflicted with much more of it than I would like. Years of being called naive can do that to a person.

I'm so glad that people have been looking after you! Keep on truckin', or lacking any convenient trucks, just keep getting better.

Mr. Sex, you have my admiration and appreciation. This blog is A Good Thing, and your contributions to it are so important for that!

Sadly, I am neighter single nor in the Nottingham area, but who wouldn't want to be seen on the arm of a man called Mr Sex?

tara said...

Hear hear!

AJK said...

You're all a bunch of hotties with sexy senses of humour. There I said it.

RandomPinkness said...

Pity I deferred my entry to Nottingham for post grad til next year. ;-)