Monday, 18 August 2008

Sam: Smooth Talk

How much can you tell from a voice? I’ve certainly had a few experiences in the past talking to sultry journalists on the phone wishing that I could meet them face to face, but then wondering if I would be disappointed in the flesh.

Apparently not say David Feinberg, a psychologist at McMaster University - in general people with attractive voices have attractive faces. Fast talkers are judged as more educated and people whose inflections are varied are judged to be more interesting. Women prefer men with deeper voices – since apparently pitch is tied to your hormone levels, giving an indicator of health, fertility and dominance. To top it off, while women are ovulating or looking for short term partners, they are particularly attracted to deep voices.

So really women couldn’t help but love Isaac Hayes, that deep deep grumble was irresistible in more ways than one. Better start working on lowering my tone . . .


badgerdaddy said...

S'true. Well, some of it is.

I've been asked out by women working in call centres. But then, I suspect I sound tall dark and handsome or something.

It was worse - or better, depending on your view - when I smoked. Voice was much deeper, it was very popular with the ladies. I'm happier now I sound like Orville.

thene said...

Oh, I think the tone round here is quite low enough as it is. :)

Neurotic Girl said...

I sound about 6 on the phone! Not good, I am ugly *sob*

Although I am a girl, does a high-pitched, child-like voice = a smoking hot, sex kitten? No? Okay then :o(

Katie said...

A voice on the other end of the phone can be as devastating as internet dating. You build up a picture and then wham, your handsome stranger turns out to be nothing like you imagine.

If there's one emotion hard to disguise it is disappointment!

Mia said...

Please explain David Beckham??

Lilith said...

A very deep voice increases a man's sexiness by let's say, 40 percent? It is definitely a massive bonus for me anyway.

And dirty talking cannot be convincing in a high pitched voice, can it?